Tastings and Tours

Tours and TastingsVisit the first family-owned distillery in Loudoun County since before Prohibition. See this working distillery in production, including our custom-made Kothe potstills and condensers. Tours will highlight the process of making distilled spirits, including fermentation, distillation, aging and bottling.

Often, depending on the day, you may see much of this equipment in operation and meet and speak with the owners.

Monday thru Friday 1 - 5 PM
Saturday 12 - 7 PM
Sunday 12 - 5 PM

Last tour, one hour before closing.

Standard Pricing:

  • $5 - tour (top of the hour, all ages welcome, kids free)
  • $5 - Standard tasting
  • $10 - Premium tasting (brandy, cocktails, seasonal offerings)

Groups of 8 or more, please call ahead for a reservation.

Group Rates (20+):

  • $10 - Tour
  • $10 - Standard tasting
  • $20 - Premium tasting (brandy, cocktails, seasonal offerings, house choice)

Must call first to schedule a reservation and prepay.

Why the higher rates for groups?  Rates are higher because large groups are often difficult, strain our resources, rarely buy anything, and we must staff up to handle them.  No exceptions, and thanks for understanding.

Bottles for Sale in Our StorePer Virginia law, consumers are limited to three 0.5 oz pours, and must be 21 years old or older.

Catoctin Creek Bottles Available Right at the Distillery!

Visit the distillery anytime during our regular hours above (even outside of tour times), and you can buy your spirits right from our distillery store.  No need to visit an ABC store; we are an ABC store! 

Why go without?

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