Hooray for the return of the cocktail!

Catoctin Creek spirits are excellent neat, but also very nice in cocktails. Many classic American cocktails call for rye, and Roundstone Rye is a faithful reproduction of 19th century rye whisky that would have been common in old classics like the Manhattan, Sazerac, and Old Fashioned. With Watershed Gin, you have a great cocktail for Gimlets, Martinis, French 75's, and much, much more.

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Patowmack Peach Water Rye

My Brother's in Pearis

The cocktail should drink a lot like an autumn, white variation of a Sazerac.  Lots of herbacious, licorice aromas with flavors of fresh, bright, flower pears.  When made right, this drink is balanced and awesome.

Glass Type:  Rocks
Garnish:  Star Anise
Method:  Shake all ingredients together and finely strain into a chilled rocks glass lightly sprayed with Absinthe using an atomizer.  Float Star Anise on top of drink.

1½ oz Asian Pear Infused Catoctin Creek Watershed Gin*
½ oz Elderflower Liqueur
3 oz Asian Pear Nectar**
Squirt of Fresh Lemon Juice

French Absinthe
- For glass atomizer spraying only
1 Star Anise (For garnish)

HATE LICORICE OR ABSINTHE?  Substitute the absinthe spray with Catoctin Creek Pearousia Pear Brandy and the star anise with a melon-balled-out Asian pear, flesh and skin equal parts on a toothpick.

*Asian Pear Infused Watershed Gin Instructions:
Simply cut up Asian Pears and allow to steep in Watershed Gin over night, skin and flesh included, no seeds or core with juice from half a lemon to help retain color - Refrigerate and use for up to three months.

**Asian Pear Nectar Recipe:

1 Asian Pear
½ Lemon
1 inch of fresh, peeled Ginger
Micropane grated fresh nutmeg (to taste, about five to seven scrapes)

Juice one entire Asian Pear minus it's seeds, core and stem with a good nub of fresh ginger.  Add  Juice from half a lemon and grate Nutmeg to the mix, stir and keep refrigerated for up to two or three days.  Always greatest when made and served day of.
Makes enough for three drinks

Courtesy John Shope.

Mason Dixon Manhattan

Mason Dixon

One of the feature cocktails for Virginia Spirits Month 2017. A nod to the classic Manhattan with a southern twist. Wonderful cocktail to pair with traditional hors d’oeuvres or appetizer course.

2 oz Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye Whiskey
½ oz Grand Marnier Cordon Rogue
¼ oz Broadbent Rainwater Madeira
1 wedge of orange
1 wedge of lemon

Build all spirits in a mixing glass. Squeeze and drop in both lemon and orange wedges. Add ice and stir well. Strain into a martini glass or coupe. Express oil of an orange twist into glass and/or onto the rim of glass and use twist as garnish.

Recipe courtesy Marilee and Matt Billingsley, Postbellum, Richmond, VA.

The Prescription

This cocktail is one of our feature cocktails for the month of September.

Quarter Branch apple brandy
A touch of simple syrup
Fresh fine strained orange juice
Fresh fine straineda lemon juice
Top with Angostura/apple bitters
Garnish with orange peel

Courtesy Denise Petty.

Misty Morning Fog

This cocktail is one of our feature cocktails for the month of September.

Catoctin Creek White Rye Spirit
Element blueberry/rosemary shrub
Rosemary infused simple syrup
Topped with Q seltzer
Garnish with rosemary sprig

Courtesy Denise Petty.

That Gin Thing You Do

That Gin Thing You Do

This cocktail is one of our feature cocktails for our August dinner.

2 oz Watershed Gin
1 oz Elderflower liqueur
¼ oz fresh lime juice
⅛ oz local rosemary infused simple syrup
Prosecco to top

Combine all ingredients in a nick and nora glass, top with Prosecco, and garnish with a lime twist.

Courtesy of Denise Petty

Mosby Caliente

Mosby Caliente

This cocktail is one of our feature cocktails for our August dinner.

1½ oz Mosby's Spirit
¾ oz Ancho Reyes Chile
1 oz fresh lime juice
½ oz whisky barrel chip infused simple syrup

Combine all ingredients and pour into a rocks glass with a chile salt rim.

Courtesy of Denise Petty

Peche en Croute

Peche en Croute

This cocktail is one of our feature cocktails for our August dinner.

2 oz Short Hill Peach Brandy
½ oz Aperol
1 oz fresh orange juice
½ oz fresh lemon juice
orange/honey syrup* (for rimming)
turbinado sugar (for rimming)

Dip the rim of the glass in the orange/honey syrup, then into the turbinado sugar. Combine the first four ingredients over ice, and strain into the glass, being careful not to disturb the rim.

*Orange/Honey Syrup

1 oz fresh orange juice
2 oz local honey

Combine the two ingredients until well mixed.

Courtesy of Denise Petty

Luxe Rye Noir

Luxe Rye Noir

This cocktail is one of our feature cocktails for our August dinner.

2 oz Roundstone Rye 80 proof
½ oz fresh lemon juice
½ oz fresh orange juice
¼ oz Luxardo grenadine
dash of Angostura bitters

Combine first four ingredients and pour into a nick and nora glass, dash with Angostura bitters on top, with a brandied cherry garnish.

Courtesy of Denise Petty

Midsummer's Moon

Midsummer Moon

On August 21, 2017, we will have a full solar eclipse in the United States.  This won't happen again here for something like 100 years!  To celebrate, we created the Midsummer Moon cocktail.  We'll be drinking this and wearing our eclipse glasses when the end times come!

1½ Roundstone Rye
3 oz Ceylon black tea
¾ oz lemon juice
¾ oz ginger syrup
2-3 dashes of Angostura bitters
Lemon wedge garnish

Combine ingredients in a Nick and Nora glass with ice, and garnish with a lemon wedge and 2-3 dashes of Angostura bitters.

Recipe courtesy Jen Coate.

Red, White and Blue Gimlet

Red, White and Blue Gimlet

This patriotic cocktail was featured in the tasting room for the month of July.

1 oz Watershed Gin
¾ oz blueberry lavender syrup*
½ oz fresh lime juice

Combine ingredients slowly over a bar spoon, to create layers, syrup first, then gin and lime, and top with seltzer. Garnish carefully with fresh blueberries, so as not to disturb the layers.

*Blueberry Lavender Syrup

11 oz bin of fresh blueberries, muddled
½ cup lavender flowers (food grade)
1 cup sugar
1 cup hot water

Combine all ingredients, let steep for 1 hour, strain out blueberries.

Recipe courtesy Denise Petty.

Catoctin Creek Bee's Knees

Catoctin Creek Bee's Knees

This cocktail comes to us from Sam Scarlett at the Wine Kitchen, and was one of our feature cocktails at our speakeasy dance party last month. If you missed the party, don't worry! We're going to do more coming up for Repeal Day and New Years Eve!

The proportions for this cocktail are that for a punch. Feel free to scale it down for personal consumption.

40oz Watershed Gin
10oz Lemon juice
10oz Honey syrup (equal parts honey and water cooked together)
20 dash Lavender Bitters

Combine all ingredients and use 40 small rosemary sprigs and 40 brandies/maraschino/etc cherries for garnishes.

Recipe courtesy Sam Scarlett.

Old Fashioned Whisky Cocktail

Scott and Alexa at the Speakeasy Party

This cocktail is a classic! This drink is the original cocktail, the forefather of them all. Legend has it that it came from a Confederate General who didn't like his whiskey neat, so he added sugar, bitters and water to it. Hence, the cocktail was born. Originally called the whiskey cocktail, and later the old fashioned whisky cocktail, it eventually ends up as just the old fashioned. Since its creation, it's gone through lots of variations (some of them painful). This is the original, and the one we like best... no fruit, no Sprite.

We are purists, after all.

2 oz Roundstone Rye
¾ oz rich simple syrup (2:1 sugar:water)
2-3 dashes Angostura bitters

Combine all ingredients with a heavy ice cube and serve in a rocks glass. Garnishment is optional, but keep it light.

Photo is of Scott and Alexa at our Catoctin Creek Speakeasy Party in 2017. Reward if found!

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