Redeem Your Groupon

Got a Groupon?  Read on!

Did you get a Groupon for a tour at the distillery?  Or some other group deal, like Living Social or TravelZoo?

Great!  We're super thrilled you're coming to see us!!  Here's how to redeem it:

1.  Look at your voucher! 

Yes, actually look at it.  This is important...  go find it, get your phone, we'll wait...

OK, got it?  Great!  Let's move on.

2.  Look at the voucher code

The code will be an eight digit number, in one of two formats:




3.  Your "REAL" code has a dash in it.

Because of an error at Groupon, a lot of redemption codes were sent out without the dash, but Groupon's back-end redemption software requires the dash.  Complicated, huh?  Only because there are like a thousand Groupons out there.

When you type in your code, put in a dash in the middle, even if there isn't one on your Groupon sheet

So it needs to look something like this:


That is the key to success.

4.  In a minute, you'll hit the Redeem Voucher button below and use that code with the dash we told you about.

When you hit the Redeem Voucher button, you'll (a) select the number of tickets on your Groupon (2 or 4), and (b) hit the link "Redeem Gift Card / Promo Code".  See the attached screenshot.

Redeem Voucher

Please note the correct use of the dash:

Redeem Voucher

Don't do without the dash, like this:

Redeem Voucher

5.  A Note about Tours and Such

Don't forget to bring your Groupon with you when you show up.

To make sure you get the full value from your Groupon, we're upgrading your tasting experience at no charge.  Also, don't forget to ask for your free shot glasses when you leave.

6.  One more thing before I let you go:  Tipping

Our staff are paid in tips for their good service, so please don't forget them if you have a good experience.  A couple bucks is a nice way to let them know they did a good job.

7.  OK, ready now?  Go ahead and hit the Redeem Voucher button, below:

Redeem Voucher

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