May 2020 - Getting Back to Normal... baby steps

LOTS of Information this month!!

We have SO much to report this month, and I want to be sure you see it all, so here's a quick table of contents, so you can read on if interested!

  • The Flurry... and then the End of Hand Sanitizer
  • Online Shop is open and taking orders!
  • More Rabble Rouser goes on sale today!
  • Bottled cocktails on sale starting today!
  • Roundstone Rye Cask Proof Hickory Finish on sale starting today!
  • Rabble Rouser highly rated in American Whiskey magazine
  • Netflix & Ca-Tock-Tails Facebook Live event every Thursday!
  • Cocktail of the Month - That Peach, Carol Baskins

Read on for more details!


Hand Sanitizer Production at Catoctin Creek

The Flurry... and then the End of Hand Sanitizer

In the wake of the coronavirus crisis and a subsequent shortage on sanitizing products in March, we shifted some of our production operations to provide free sanitizing alcohol to over 100 families, six police stations, two emergency services, two hospitals, one senior center, and the FAA in Leesburg, Virginia. Instead of laying people off, we brought our regional sales staff in to help on the production line, while we worked with elected officials to distribute bottles to organizations in need.

After producing, bottling and selling bulk hand sanitizer to first responders at the end of March, we were proud to announce the release of Catoctin Creek’s FDA approved 6 oz. hand sanitizer bottles to the general public in early April, which sold out in no time. Unfortunately, the availability of raw materials to produce the sanitizer became impossible to obtain at reasonable prices, and ingredients have more than tripled in price since March. In the end, Catoctin Creek made over 2,050 gallons of sanitizer available to the public, first responders, front-line workers and others in need.

We also raised and donated over $12,000 to local charities, including hospitality relief funds, clinics and food banks in Baltimore, Washington DC, and Virginia. All of that money was money we received from YOU the community through your gracious tips and donations, and we are humbled and blessed by your generosity!!  THANK YOU!  🙏

Today, we are still producing and selling our award-winning rye whisky, gin and brandy in the online shop for curbside pickup or delivery.


Online Shop

Buy Your Spirits ONLINE for Delivery or Curbside Pickup

Virginia residents may now buy your whisky, gin and brandy online!  The Virginia ABC has relaxed its rules and is now allowing direct-to-consumer shipping!  We are now taking orders in our Online Shop.

       ORDER NOW  -

If you are outside of Virginia, you may also order for online shipping, here.

You can also place curbside orders using the online shop, or simply call in your order at 540-751-3294.



More Rabble Rouser available to sell TODAY

Rabble RouserDuring the COVID crisis, unfortunately, a lot of restaurants that had reserved Rabble Rouser for their bars came back and told us that they would have to sit this one out.  It breaks our hearts, but we certainly understand the need to conserve cash and preserve their business.  With their release of the reserved bottles of Rabble Rouser, we are able to put those bottles back into the public.  So...

I am happy to announce the release of more award-winning Rabble Rouser Bottled-in-Bond Rye Whisky, which will ONLY be sold through our online shop (button above).

This. Will. Not. Last.

Get yours, now!



Denise and Ross

Bottled Cocktails in collaboration with Sense of Thai

We are very happy to announce a collaboration with Jeremy Ross of Sense of Thai in One Loudoun.  Ross is making cocktails which we are selling in our online shop for pickup only.  (They don't ship well, because they need to be kept cold.)  There will be three cocktails available in 12 oz bottles.  You simply top off with Catoctin Creek liquor and serve!  The cocktails are specifically designed such that if you add any non-Catoctin Creek liquor, they will immediately explode.  You have been warned.

(just kidding)

We will have the GOLD RUSH with wildflower honey, ginger juice and lemon juice; a NEGRONI / BOULEVARDIER with Cappelletti amaro and Cocci vermouth; and a WESTSIDE DERBY with pomegranate, orange and lime juices, and Catoctin Roundstone bitters.  Just add rye or gin to make them wonderful!


Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye Cask Proof Hickory FinishRoundstone Rye Cask Proof "Hickory Finish" on Sale Now!

We are proud to announce the release of our Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye Cask Proof "Hickory Barrel Finish".  The cask proof version of our ever-popular Roundstone Rye is a very special expression. Released at approximately 58% ABV (it varies depending on the individual barrels), this is seriously strong whisky! Delicious, dark, complex and ridiculously smooth for the proof, Roundstone Rye Cask Proof is released only about twice per year. This expression is finished in a hickory syrup barrel from Falling Bark Farm, which gives the whisky a pleasant smoky and acidic palate.  Available in the online shop.



Speaking of Award Winning...!

Hooray! Another great review from American Whiskey magazine.  Catoctin Creek Rabble Rouser was recommended, 8.6/8.9 points by Peggy Noe Stevens and Susan Reigler, and again the highest rated whiskey in the issue!  A highlight from the review by Susan Reigler:

8.9 Points.
  Rye grass partners with floral notes.  The woods after a spring rain with wildflowers underfoot.  Subtle for 100 proof.
Palate: Sweet spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and allspice.  Then the flowers blossom.  This is all balanced with vanilla and rye spice.
Finish: Very long, though the flowers fade and the spice is persistent.
Comments:  Unexpectedly, water brings out morerye rather than the fruit.  But this doesn't do enough to upset the balance.

Get your copy of the magazine, here, or click the images below.

American Whiskey Magazine American Whiskey Magazine


Events - Netflix and Ca-Tock-Tails with John, Denise and Avalon

Netflix & Ca-Tock-TailsThis whole quarantine thing got you down? Clawing at the walls? Perhaps, you, like me, have been shamelessly bingeing Netflix and drinking a lot of homemade cocktails. If so, have we got an event for YOU!!

Every Thursday at 5pm on Facebook Live, it's Netflix & Ca-TOCK-tails happy hour? (We've had a few already, you see.) We will be doing fun, silly, and definitely entertaining cocktail "classes" devoted to our favorite binge-worthy series from Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. You can pick up the spirits and ingredients online before the live event, and then follow along as John, Avalon, Denise, Scott or Becky guide us through a few Catoctin cocktails dedicated to our favorite shows. Here are some of the iconic shows we'll be doing:

  • Tiger King (done!)
  • Parks and Rec (done!)
  • The Office
  • Sopranos
  • Stranger Things
  • Outlander

Always FREE to attend! Pre-purchase your spirits online and grab your shaker!  Jump on Facebook Live to see the show:


Cocktail of the Month – That Peach, Carol Baskins

That Peach Carol Baskin

2 oz Catoctin Creek Peach Brandy
1 oz raspberry peach syrup (2:2 sugar:water, 1:2 frozen raspberries:frozen peaches)
1 oz lemon juice
3 dashes tiger blood (Peychaud bitters)

Shake and strain into a coup. Top with 3 dashes of tiger blood (Peychauds bitters), garnish with a flower crown.

Recipe courtesy Denise Petty.

See this cocktail and hundreds more on our cocktails page.


In Closing...

As always, there are lots of fun and information on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, where you can stay up to date with the daily activities at the distillery. We are open every Tuesday through Sunday for tastings and bottle purchases, so stop by and see us sometime!

Scott & Becky

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