Kojo Nnamdi Show discusses Craft Distilling

Kojo Nnamdi ShowBecky appeared on the Kojo Nnamdi show on WAMU 88.5. From the show description:

Small-batch craft distilleries are popping up across the country and region. They make everything from gin to rye to vodka, often with a focus on local ingredients and unique flavors. We talk with three local makers about what goes into getting a distillery off the ground and onto shelves at bars and liquor stores.

Other guests for the hour were Mike Lowe, of New Columbia Distillers, and Chris Cook, of Sloop Betty.

It was a great show! You can see the original show site, here.

The Whiskey Reviewer Visits Catoctin Creek

Future Home of Catoctin Creek DistilleryJake Emen visited us in January and subsequently reviewed us on The Whiskey Reviewer. This is perhaps one of the most thorough and accurate pieces of coverage on the distillery:

If you live in or around Washington D.C., then it’s likely you’ve been seeing more and more of Catoctin Creek these days. In 2012, they increased their production to 40,000 bottles, double 2011′s level, and they have formed a variety of local partnerships. So it is that you’ll find the private label 515 exclusively at J&G Steakhouse at the W Hotel in D.C.; or if you went to D.C. Brau brewery, you’d see a rack of Catoctin Creek barrels put to use; or if you went to the 2012 Farmland Feast, you’d have seen their whiskey up for grabs in a charity-auction… and on down the line from there. From top to bottom, Catoctin Creek is a very locally-focused, community-driven operation. Enthusiastic volunteers actually do all of their bottling by hand during their filled-to-capacity weekend bottling workshops.

Read the full review here.

Coverage on Craft Distilling in Virginia

Cville Weekly wrote an outstanding and very in-depth article on the state of craft distilling in Virginia.  Giles Morris covered Virginia Distilling Company in Nelson County, Copper Fox Distillery in Sperryville, and us as well.  Here he is interviewing Rick Wasmund, owner of Copper Fox:

“It’s not always easy to sell in Virginia. Part of our benefit is that we’re an hour and a half from D.C. There we can self-distribute. I can have a bar owner taste my stuff and if they like it, I can take an order and bring them cases the next week,” Wasmund said.


“I like the engineering challenges. The physical production challenges of making great whisky. We’re always trying to stretch ourselves and make it better but we’re also trying to make more of it. That’s fun,” he said.

Read the full article here.

The Gin is In Reviews Watershed Gin

Watershed Gin

The Gin is In does a great job of not only reviewing various gins from throughout the world, but they also feature various news and entertainment stories, all relating to gin, of course.  The Gin is In is a fun site and an easy way to let a couple hours at the office slip away unnoticed.

They recently tackled our Watershed Gin, and gave it four out of five "gin-n-tonics".  That's a good review, I think:

Quite nice, robust and while contemporary in flavor, the overall feel of the spirit feels more traditional. The sharpness of juniper in a London Dry is mimicked by pepper, carraway, juniper and a bit of alcohol burn. It reminds me of the mouth feel of a traditional style gin while not quite tasting like one. The combination of the woody Rye and that faint floral character make the exact impression of Watershed Gin kind of hard to place. There’s a lot going on, and its quite interesting, slowly unraveling and revealing itself when tasted neat. Its a very interesting, almost cerebral gin.

Read the full review here.

Guid Scotch Drink Reviews Roundstone Rye Cask Proof

Roundstone Rye

In the final of three reviews from Guid Scotch Drink, Jason Johnstone-Yellin reviews our Roundstone Rye Cask Proof:

Aged for, up till now, two years, this particular batch of single cask rye is bottled at a natural cask strength of 58% Alc. (116 Proof)


In conclusion: So very good.  The rye is perfectly presented, the texture is exceptional, and the milk chocolate provides a flavor otherwise unexpected.  In short: Buy it now.  But it's not available now!  Contact the distillery and make sure you're on the list for when the next batch becomes available (my name's already on that list!).

Read the full review here.

Guid Scotch Drink Reviews Roundstone Rye

Roundstone Rye

We received another great review, from Guid Scotch Drink.  Jason Johnstone-Yellin runs through the taste profile of our signature Roundstone Rye:

The mashbill for Roundstone Rye is 100% rye flour.  The rye is cooked for 3 hours and then cooled for 3 hours and, given that the mash is such a sticky mess, the solids all remain in the wash.


In conclusion: Such a good rye!  Very drinkable with complexity that belies its age.  I highly recommended searching for a bottle.

Read the full review here.

Guid Scotch Drink Reviews Mosby's Spirit

Mosby's Spirit

We received a very kindly review, from Guid Scotch Drink.  Nice of Jason Johnstone-Yellin to do the review on a spirit which we feel is under-appreciated:

Catoctin Creek Mosby's Spirit is new make whiskey designed for the bottle rather than the cask.  It's intended to be drunk, rather than matured.  To accomplish this, the head, heart, and tails cuts are made in different places from those made for the spirit destined for the cask.


In conclusion: Very nice!  A terrifically constructed new make that is very, very drinkable.  The green apple skin on the palate is a veritable treat.

Read the full review here.

Drunk and Unemployed: QnA with DnU

Drunk and UnemployedMelba from Drunk & Unemployed recently interviewed Scott Harris, founder of Catoctin Creek distillery for her blog:

I know your creations are like your babies but do you have a favorite and why?
When asked this, I always laugh. Like my children, I have a favorite, but I will never tell! [Laughs]<

View the complete interview, here.

Under My Host Podcast

Under My HostCori and the gang from Under My Host recently interviewed Scott Harris, founder of Catoctin Creek distillery for their podcast.  You can download the podcast from iTunes, here, or visit the podcast web site, here.

In the podcast, we have lots of fun over several drinks, and taste our way through the spirits.  We also discuss craft cocktails and the cocktail scene in New Orleans, with featured guest Kimberly Patton-Bragg, head chef at the Hotel Modern in New Orleans.  You can download that cocktail recipe on our cocktail page.

Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye named Finalist in the 2013 Good Food Awards

Roundstone RyeThe Good Food Awards has named Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye a finalist in their 2013 spirits category, one of 182 finalists from 31 states, chosen from among 1,366 entries in nine industries.  Sarah Weiner, director of the Good Food Awards writes:

With 40% more entries this year, being a Good Food Awards Finalist means more than ever before. ... This year’s Finalists are a diverse and talented group of innovators. Learning what each producer is doing in their part of the country to build a strong food culture for America has been truly inspiring, and I can’t wait to see them gather together in January.

View the complete list of 2013 Good Food Awards finalists, here.

2013 Good Food Awards

A Visit To Catoctin Creek

Jason Johnstone-Yellin of Food Digital, recently paid us a visit.  Despite a small correction (we are not Virginia's oldest distillery, by far, that honor goes to Laird's), it is a nice article and represents us well.  Here he gives his opinion on the Mosby's Spirit:

Often, the unaged spirit does the distillery a disservice because it needs to spend some time in oak to round off the harsh edges of the spirit. Becky and Scott wanted to make a spirit that they could stand behind. Making a different series of “cuts” for the unaged whiskey than they do for the cask matured stock allows a bottled spirit that is clean and drinks very easily.

Read the full story, here.

Warren Bobrow reviews Short Hill Mountain Peach Brandy on Beekman1802

GartendingIn yet another very entertaining and zany review, Warren Bobrow (or should we say, "Klaus"?) reviews our peach brandy and comes up with an interesting cocktail:

Layer upon layer of juicy, freshly crushed peaches give way to the deeper vanilla elements of the fine Virginia brandy.  Dry is the first impression.  Each sip is more of a peach eau de vie or schnapps than a sugar sweet American version of an infused spirit.

Read the full review here.  There's also a neat cocktail with the review, which we've included here.

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