Roundstone Rye Cask Proof Reviewed

Malt Review

We recently submitted a bunch of our spirits to be reviewed in the American Whiskey Masters in London.  The contest results have yet to come in, but apparently, now that the blind-judging is completed, the judges were allowed to pick and choose their favorite spirits to take home with them.  Mark, from Malt Review, who also writes for Whisky Magazine, does a splendid job reviewing our Roundstone Rye Cask Proof.  I particularly like his color note: "polished mahogany."

In the mouth: quite a chewy texture, but a wonderful balance of sweetness and bitterness from the wood as a first impression. And it follows very well from the nose: again, that tartness from the redcurrant, with wood tannins creating a nice cloying mouthfeel. Peppermint. Then the sugary goodness: molasses and prunes again. Blackcurrant. Elderberry. A slug of port before drifting into a slightly woody finish. For it’s the balance on the finish, again of the sweetness and the bitterness, which makes this such a great whiskey.

Read the full review, here.

July 2016 News

Red White and Booze

Welcome to July!

In the past month, there’s been a whirlwind of activity here at Catoctin Creek, and we are excited to share that we have been featured in several local and national magazines, even winning another award for our Roundstone Rye! We’re hoping to make July even better by kicking off with our first ever Red, White & Booze event, featuring live music, signature red, white, and blue cocktails, and hot dogs from our friends at Windy City Red Hots. We hope to make this a yearly tradition to celebrate the true spirit of America: whisky.


Catoctin Creek in Northern Virginia Magazine

Northern Virginia Magazine

As the beginning of an exciting month of press coverage, Catoctin Creek was covered in the July issue of Northern Virginia Magazine, sharing the humble beginnings of our company and detailing our inventory and future projects, including the release of Rabble Rouser Straight Rye Whisky, available this October, and a collaboration with a local brewery in an event similar to our previous King’s Mountain release with Heritage Brewing. The profile of our company includes breathtaking photos of our tasting room and spirits, as well as a where to buy section. Pick up your copy of the magazine at your newsstand today!


Roundstone Rye Named as one of the “Best Affordable Craft Whiskies” by Eater

Eater, an online platform for foodies nationwide, paid tribute to craft distilleries and named our flagship spirit as number one on the short list of affordable craft whiskies, highlighting our unique mash bill of 100% rye. The article praises the true craft nature of Catoctin Creek and the other distilleries, where the whisky is made from scratch in-house—from the mash tank to the still, to the bottling, all on site here. We thank Eater for this distinction and their dedication to helping true craft distilleries share our artisan spirits.


DC Bartenders Vote CCDC as one of “Best Local Distilleries”

Catoctin Creek Building

Thrillist also flattered us, calling us a “household name” and providing tasting notes on our Roundstone Rye, Mosby’s Spirit, and Rabble Rouser. We were excited that bartenders enjoyed serving our products as much as we love making them, and believe that it is a testament to our quality and dedication to true craft.


Join us for dinner in August!

Dinner at Catoctin Creek!
Photo courtesy Whiskey Cats and used with permission.

Once every two months, we host a dinner with seasonal offerings and specially paired cocktails. The June dinner was an immense success, and we thank everyone that joined us for an evening of boozy fun. Our next dinner will be in August, complete with a tour from Becky, a delicious four-course dinner made by The Wandering Chef, and signature cocktails handcrafted by Scott to complement the dinner menu. Bottles will be available for sale, and the price is $99/person. Special dietary needs can be accomodated if required.

This will fill up fast, so book your spot today here!


Upcoming Events

Here is the full list of events planned at the distillery and in the area this month and through summer.  Many events are free, so be sure to join us for something fun:

  • July 1 - Red, White and Booze - Celebrate all things American with whisky, hot dogs, and live music!  FREE to attend!
  • July 19-23 - Tales of the Cocktail - Becky, Scott and Chad will be there.  Will you?  Definitely not free to attend.
  • August 12 - Dinner at the Distillery - Join us for a delicious four-course dinner with cocktails.  Now in our third year!  $99/pp
  • September 17 - Dinner at Historic Aldie Mill - Our sixth annual dinner at the oldest running mill in Loudoun County!  Extremely limited space!  $105/pp

For the full list of events, and to get your reservations to these, check our events page.


Cocktail of the Month – Pour Some Citrus On Me

Pour Some Citrus On Me

This is another great punch from Chad Robinson, and was the featured punch at the "Super Gin Punch Out" held recently at 1905 Restaurant in DC, along with fellow distillers Caledonia Spirits (makers of Barr Hill gin), and Green Hat.

25 oz Watershed Gin (one 750mL bottle)
12 oz strong green tea
8 oz Capillaire syrup*
6 oz Curaçao
6 oz fresh lemon juice, plus lemon wheels for garnish
6 oz fresh lime juice, plus lime wheels for garnish
32 oz sparkling water (or sparkling wine for more punch in your punch)

Combine all in a punch bowl and float slices of lemon and lime on top.

*Capillaire syrup
(courtesy David Wondrich, Punch)

1 cups of water
⅛ oz orange blossom water
2 cups sugar

Bring water and sugar to boil. Let stand for 30 minutes. Add the orange blossom water. Will keep in the fridge for a couple months.

Courtesy Chad Robinson.

See this cocktail and hundreds more on our cocktails page.


In Closing...

As always, there are lots of fun and information on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, where you can stay up to date with the daily activities at the distillery. We are open every Tuesday through Sunday for tastings and bottle purchases, so stop by and see us sometime!

Scott & Becky

Catoctin Creek featured in Northern Virginia magazine "Distilleries" issue

Northern Virginia Magazine

Stefanie Gans, writer and food critic for Northern Virginia magazine, does a big article in the July 2016 issue about all the growth in distilleries in the Northern Virginia area.   We're pleased to be featured alongside others in the region, including KO, Bowman, and Belmont Farm, to name a few.  There are also some fantastic photos by Rey Lopez, one of our favorites in the area, so be sure to check this one out!

"If I can learn how to make contact [lenses]," Becky Harris says, she could master the age old distilling process.  Now she starts her days at 6 a.m., making the mash with organic rye and water, letting it sit, ferment.  The stills stand next to floor-to-ceiling windows facing the center of Purcellville, what was once a town known for its temperance enthusiasm.

You can read the full story, here.

Best Local Distilleries, according to top DC bartenders

Catoctin Creek Building

Thrillist just came out with their list of top local distilleries, as voted by top DC bartenders.  We're so happy to be included in a list of very fine local providers!

"Roundstone Rye is a great whiskey -- robust, sweet, and spicy -- great in cocktails or neat. Catoctin shares a lot of values with us: they source locally, organically, and pesticide-free. They care about their quality, and it shows." -- Todd Thrasher, bartender/owner of the Eat Good Food Group (PX, Restaurant Eve, etc.)

Read the full story, here.

Eater: 14 Best Affordable American Craft Whiskeys

Eater did a story on the best, most affordable American craft whiskey on the market, and we were delighted to be included in such fine company!  But before publishing the list, they are very careful to lay down some ground rules first:

For these purposes, a craft whiskey producer must distill every last drop of what goes into the bottle—no sourcing or independent bottling. Rather than defining "craft" based on the number of bottles a company releases annually, we're just not including the major brands, and any other producer who does their own distilling is in play. The only caveat is that the brand must be at least partially distributed on a national basis, so that consumers can nab a bottle from an accessible online retailer.

About Catoctin Creek, they write:

1) Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye (80 proof), $39.99: While Catoctin Creek produces gin and brandy, and has released limited editions such as their Kings Mountain single malt (distilled from a beer made by Heritage Brewing), it's their rye whiskey that runs the Purcellville, Virginia distillery's show. Distinctive for being a rare 100 percent rye whiskey, the liquor showcases a light, spicy grain and oak profile. Catoctin Creek is also certified organic and kosher.

Read the full story, here.

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