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American Rye Whiskey is Having a Moment - Wine Enthusiast

| News 2022
Selecting a sample of whisky from the barrel

Kara Newman at Wine Enthusiast does her yearly roundup of rye whiskey in America. This is a great article diving into the concepts of terroir and regionality, as well as some of the crazy stuff happening in the category. Case and point: Ragnarök Rye. Kara writes:

Luckily, sometimes these attention-catchers are more than just gimmicks. For example, Catoctin’s latest Ragnarök bottling focused on rye aged with unusual woods. After chief distiller Becky Harris oversaw the aging, the GWAR team sampled all the variations. “They decided what they wanted their Ragnarök to be,” Scott Harris says. “They ended up with sugar maple and cherrywood,” and a bottling that shows gentle vanilla and hazelnut tones.

In earlier reviews, she gave that expression 93 points! You can see the full review, here.