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The Absolute Best Rye Whiskeys Between $50-$100, Ranked - Uproxx

| News 2023
Catoctin Creek Rabble Rouser

Zach Johnston of Uproxx does the full ranking of the 100 best rye whiskeys in the $50-100 range.  Catoctin Creek Rabble Rouser Bottled-In-Bond Rye Whisky ranks in on the Top 20 with an admirable number 18 in the list:

This modern classic from Catoctin Creek is made from a 100% rye mash. The juice is distilled at a lower proof, which lets the graininess shine through in the end product, which is aged for four years before blending, proofing, and bottling. 
This is just really well-made. It’s complex while still being 100% approachable. It’s pretty solid neat but really blooms with a little ice or water, opening up a creamier vibe throughout. 

You can read the full story, here.