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Travel Courier: Distillery visits can be a filling experience in Virginia

| News 2023
A steaming Dee-Ron, the 600 gallon whisky still at Catoctin Creek.

The Canadian publication, Travel Courier, did a feature story on our new Barrel Select Premium "filling station."  You can learn more about that, here

The author writes:

And a recent distillery innovation provides a very hands-on experience for visitors, inviting them to fill their own bottles of purchased whiskey. In addition to touring and enjoying spirits and cocktails, visitors now have the option to fill their own bottle from the new Catoctin Creek Filling Station.

Barrels with unique profiles and collaborative stories will be chosen from Catochin Creek’s inventory and offered for hand-filling at the station. Visitors will be instructed how to apply the label, cork the bottle, seal it, and then can write the special batch information upon each bottle with their own signature, making a unique bottle.

Read the entire story, here.