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Middleburg Life: All about Rye at Catoctin Creek

| News 2023
Becky Harris of Catoctin Creek

Middleburg Life did a wonderful in-depth article on Becky Harris and the history of her founding of Catoctin Creek.  The article is a nice summary of her efforts for the past almost fifteen years, including time as president of the American Craft Spirits Association:

This vast, outward-looking energy radiates from Harris herself. She’s sat on the board of the American Craft Spirits Association since 2019, served two terms as its president, and oversaw one of the Association’s greatest victories: reducing the federal excise tax on liquor from $13.50 per six bottles to an incredible $2.70. Beyond that, Harris helped found the nonprofit STEPUP Foundation, which introduces interns from underrepresented communities to every step of the spirits business, from distillation to distribution. This year, Bourbon Women [awarded her the] Women of Whiskey Legacy Achievement award.

You can see the full review, here.