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The Art of the Cocktail Turns Ten!

Catoctin Creek is proud to present, our TENTH year of this six-part educational series on the art of the cocktail.  Here are the logistics of the class format:

  • Just $39 per person to sign up.
  • Three drinks included that you make yourself
  • Everything you need is provided!
  • Just come to have some fun!

The Class:

After much demand, we are BACK IN PERSON AT THE DISTILLERY!  YAY!

Starting January 5, and for six weeks every Friday, Scott Harris, our Founder and General Manager, will be leading this midwinter series with a host of brand new cocktails.  This year's class will be based on the new book by Amanda Schuster called Signature Cocktails, which is a wonderful compendium of classic and modern cocktails!  If you were to buy ONE book with the most complete recipes, most beautiful photography, this is that book. Join Scott for a lively session, with equal parts learning, drinking and fun!

Classes will run every Friday night at 7pm at the distillery. Ingredients will be provided for you, and the lessons will be fun as ever. We expect lots of interaction and questions and good times. It's a drinks class, after all!

Classes this season will follow the following categories:

  • Jan 5 - Sours - Amaretto Sour, Bramble, Ginger Rogers
  • Jan 12 - Rocks / Old Fashioned Variants - I am Virginia, Gold Rush, White Negroni
  • Jan 19 - Slings and Highballs - Thomas Circle Slammer, Alabazam, Southside
  • Jan 26 - Up Cocktails - Boothby, White Lady, Fanciulli
  • Feb 2 - Fun and Crazy - Mystery Solver, Singapore Sling, Sharpie Moustache
  • Feb 9 - Dessert - Brandy Alexander, Roasted Toasted Almond, Tom and Jerry

Tickets are $39 per person for the lessons, and everything will be provided for you to make your own cocktails at the distillery.