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Press Release: Catoctin Creek Distilling Company introduces Hot Honey Rye

| News 2023
Catoctin Creek Hot Honey Rye

This is the Purcellville distillery's first new product in over five years.

PURCELLVILLE, Va. (September 25, 2023) - - - On Sunday, October 1st, Catoctin Creek Distilling Company will release their first new product in over half a decade:  Catoctin Creek Hot Honey Rye.  This product will be available nationally, including ABC stores statewide in Virginia, but also retailers and restaurants in the Maryland and DC areas, and in select states nationally.

Catoctin Creek Hot Honey Rye™ is a reprise of a very popular Barrel Select offering that was released in 2022, and the distillery decided to release it as a permanent line extension. 

"When you take our beautiful, potstilled 100% rye whisky, and you add three types of local Virginia honey (wildflower, clover, and buckwheat) and an infusion of chile peppers, you get something amazing," said Becky Harris, Founder, President and Chief Distiller.  "Because we use real honey, the aroma and flavor of honey are dominant in this whisky, and the honey gives a very pleasant viscosity/mouth feel."

Scott Harris, Founder and General Manager, added, "Just as you're savoring the whisky, the peppers come in with a surprising and delightful bit of heat."

"This whisky is smooth and sweet, with a ZING!  A really fun one!" remarked Dean Caplan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "It is great simply neat, but amazing in cocktails!"

Hot Honey Rye also has a charitable mission:  For every bottle sold, Catoctin Creek will donate $1 to local and national organizations that help conserve bees.

Samples are available to press in limited quantities.  Requests should be made to Scott using the contact page on our website.

About Catoctin Creek Distilling: Catoctin Creek Distilling Company, The Virginia Rye Whisky ℠, was founded by Scott and Becky Harris in 2009. Inspired by the history and craft of Virginia, Catoctin Creek made a name for itself as the first legal distillery since Prohibition in Purcellville, Virginia’s Loudoun County. The craft distillery is home to Virginia’s most-awarded whisky, Roundstone Rye, which has been presented gold medals across the globe and stands out through its old-world production methods. Catoctin Creek prides itself on sourcing rye whisky, gin, and seasonal brandy from local grains and fruits, with spirits available in 26 states and 2 continents. The Harris’ intricate attention to detail results in high quality internationally acclaimed products, including seasonal releases and private cask offerings, that recognize the true craft of Virginia spirits. For more information, call (540) 751-8404 or visit Follow Catoctin Creek on Instagram, Mastodon and Facebook.