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Inside Hook: Exceptional Barrel-Finish Whiskeys

| News 2024
Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye Cask Proof - Hickory Finish

Inside Hook is back with a survey of exceptional barrel-finish whiskeys. We are glad to make the cut, once again.

As part of its Barrel Select program, Catoctin produces several customized versions of its core Roundstone Rye, each rested an additional six months to a year in other barrels. Two of the most popular, according to founder Scott Harris, are those finished in barrels used to age maple or hickory syrup, available in limited quantities twice each year. The extra aging and the remnant smoky hickory bark syrup notes create a darker, richer and velvety cask-strength product that is easy to sip, or blends well into classic rye cocktails for a little smoke-and-spice variety.

You can see the full review, here.