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Watershed Gin

Watershed Gin® - Old Tom Style

In the mid-1800s, gin was a common beverage in America. However, at that time, the gin coming over from Europe was different from today's "London Dry" gin in two key ways.

First, gin then was sweet, as were most products of the day. (Think sweet champagne, sweet wine, vermouth, and yes, sweet gin.) Things would "dry" out later in the century as tastes changed.

The second difference was that gin was slightly aged. This was not intentional. If you were drinking gin in Europe, it was clear as it is today. But the gin that came to America was shipped bulk in barrels and then bottled in the United States. It, therefore, aged ever so slightly on the several-months voyage over the sea by ship.

Our Old Tom Watershed Gin is a faithful reproduction of this historic spirit. We start with our regular Watershed Gin, and then we age it in our own Pearousia pear brandy barrels for a period of about six months. Becky then adds in about 10% sugar to sweeten it up. The result is a delicious, and oh-so drinkable spirit!

Try Old Tom Watershed Gin in classic Prohibition era cocktails like the Martinez or the French 75. I think you'll find it is quite lovely!

Suggested retail price $52.99 per bottle. 46% ABV, 750 ml

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