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American Malt Whisky - Wonder Wheel

American Malt Whisky - Wonder Wheel

Introducing our latest triumphs in the world of American Malt Whisky – a testament to craftsmanship and collaboration. This year, we proudly present two extraordinary expressions born from an exclusive partnership with McDowell Brew Kitchen in Leesburg, Virginia.

Behold the Wonder Wheel American Malt Whisky, a masterpiece that embarked on its journey as a delectable IPA beer. Entrusted to our expert distillers, it underwent a meticulous transformation, evolving into a spirit that has matured gracefully for over six years. This marks a milestone in our portfolio, as it stands as one of our oldest and most refined whiskies to date.

Immerse yourself in the complexity of flavor that only time can bestow. The crisp and vibrant IPA notes, which once defined its youthful character, have mellowed into a symphony of delightful subtleties. The result is a whisky that exudes a lusciously smooth texture, a richness that envelops the palate, and a full-bodied character that lingers long after each sip.

Savor the culmination of dedication, innovation, and time in every drop of the Wonder Wheel American Malt Whisky – an embodiment of the artistry that arises when the worlds of brewing and distillation harmoniously collide. Elevate your spirits experience with this exceptional creation, where craftsmanship meets collaboration in a glass.


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