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1757 Virginia Brandy

1757® Virginia Brandy

Brandy is an old world tradition—our European ancestors drank brandy after meals for its soothing and warming qualities. Imagine settling in with a nice glass of brandy, while sitting by a fire with your favorite novel.  Or try adding it to a glass of eggnog.  Delicious!

Catoctin Creek 1757® Virginia Brandy is Virginia's first commercial grape brandy since the establishment of the Commonwealth.  Made from the finest locally-grown Virginia wine grapes, it is distilled and aged in premium French Bordeaux oak barrels for at least two years. Catoctin Creek Brandy is a fine sipping brandy unlike run-of-the-mill brandy on the shelves today.

Try some, and you'll see. This is fine stuff that warms the heart.

Suggested retail price $49.99 per bottle. 40% ABV, 750 ml

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