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Roundstone Rye 80 Proof

Rabble Rouser® Bottled In Bond Rye Whisky



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Distilled from 100% rye and bottled in bond, the Rabble Rouser differs from its cousin, Roundstone Rye, in that it is distilled at a lower proof, allowing lots of earthy goodness from the grain to come through in the spirit. Today, the whisky is aged for six years, making it among the oldest craft whiskey in the United States presently, and three times the legal age requirement for "straight rye whiskey."

"Where Roundstone Rye is sort of restrained and elegant," say Scott Harris, founder of the distillery, "Rabble Rouser is more unruly and vivacious."

Suggested retail price $99 per bottle.  50% ABV, 750 ml

  • 91 POINTS

    91 PTS Wine Enthusiast

    Wine Enthusiast, 2020

  • "The aroma is spicy and bright, with a
    hint of red fruit. The palate opens lean
    and lemony, tinged with vanilla, and spice.
    Adding water amplifies the flavor and teases
    out hints of espresso and clove."

    Kara Newman, Wine Enthusiast, January 2020

  • "10 Best Bottled in Bond Spirits"

    Maxim, May 2019

  • "Do you long for a robust whiskey?
    Rabble Rouser is easily the best I've
    had all year."

    Astor Wines and Spirits, November 10, 2017

  • "[At four years old]... Catoctin Creek [is]
    one of just a few craft distilleries
    producing rye whiskey of that age."

    Jake Emen, Washington City Paper, May 22, 2015

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