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Catoctin Creek Ragnarök Rye®

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Ragnarok Rye

Single Bottle

You can order a single bottle, which will come with a random topper.

Ragnarok Rye 5 Pack

Five Pack

While supplies last, you can order one of 100 5-pack cases, where you are guaranteed to get a complete set of the five unique toppers.


GWAR with Ragnarok Rye

A Brief History of Time...

Eons ago the members of the intergalactic shock rock band known as GWAR descended on this world as passengers on a flaming comet that would bring about the destruction of most life on Earth. The asteroid plowed into the continent of Antarctica with devastating force, melting the ice, setting much of the world ablaze, and leaving a massive crater filled with the purest Antarctic water and a strangely intoxicating ichor that flowed from the veins of the immortal GWAR. Legend recorded these events as the tale of Ragnarök, the end of days. But like all endings, it was also a beginning. Now, this blood of the gods, harvested from the great caldera, has been distilled and bottled by Catoctin Creek as Ragnarök Rye.

“Ahh, such a powerful spirit,” said The Berserker Blothar of GWAR. “A delicious sacrament to drink in preparation for battle, and it’ll get you really, really crazy.”

The mad scientists at Catoctin Creek conducted experiments on aging the blood of GWAR in barrels made from the different types of wood scorched by the comet's blast. They used the rarest of grains and watered their mash bill with the melted Antarctic ice to create a 92 strength rye whisky, pot stilled and then aged in charred new white oak. Members of GWAR then hurled the whiskey barrels into the orbit of the moon, causing contraction to take place as the barrels spun under the influence of the deathly coldness of space and the life-giving heat of the sun. The end result was Ragnarök Rye, an exquisite beverage graced with notes of cherrywood and sugar maple to produce subtle flavors unheard of in a traditional rye whisky.

Catoctin Creek Distilling Co. Ragnarök Rye Whisky (92 Proof/46% ABV) $99/750mL.

  • 93 POINTS

    93 PTS Wine Enthusiast

    Wine Enthusiast, 2021

  • "Yes, Heavy-Metal band GWAR has a rye
    whiskey, and it's good."

    Max Watman, The Daily Beast, July 29, 2021

  • "Beyond brokering galactic peace Catoctin
    Creek also managed to make one helluva rye."

    Maxim, December 2021

  • "This whiskey brand threatened to kill me. I love it!"

    Fred Minnick, May 2021